Digitalisation – There is no Way around

Digitalisation is on everyone‘s lips – but what role can and should digitalisation play in congresses, trade fairs and live-marketing? There is no way to avoid digitalisation when it comes to organising and carrying out events. Our professional environment as well as our private lives are characterized by countless digital applications. As a user, you will lose track very quickly. The key question is, which tools can I use for the realization of events but also as a participant of events and which can I ignore. As with all technical trends, it is important to critically weigh up which trends should be persued and which ingored. Where does digitalisation bring added value for the organiser and where can digitalisation increase the individual experience of the participant, the visitor, and make it even more efficient?

Two major areas should be mentioned here:
The organiser who, thanks to digitalisation, can save costs – away from printed programmes, trade fair catalogues etc. towards a digital data-base that can be made available to visitors and participants (apart from the welcome side effect in the fi eld of sustainability). But digitalisation also means that as an organiser I am closer to the customer, to the participant. New tools allow events to be experienced more closely and proactively involve participants and visitors. As an organizer, I can make program adaptations during an ongoing event and also query the reactions of the audience to the content offered in a highly topical manner.

Christian Mutschlechner – Präsident ABC – Austrian Convention Bureau

Digitalisation increases the efficiency of the organisation, enables immediate feedback and creates a new form of convenience for the participants. But one thing needs to be kept in mind – digitalisation, like other trends in the past, serves to increase the quality of events and contribute to giving more space and time to personal conversations and networks. After all, it is the personal encounter that turns congresses, conferences and trade fairs into a unique experience.

Christian Mutschlechner