Exhibition Performance:
Why di-g-alog matters!

Unlike any previous megatrend, digitalisation has forever changed society and the way we do business. Digital communication has an incredible influence on people’s interactions, work & life habits and purchases. Brand awareness and impact are largely under its control.

As a form of live communication, trade shows have benefi ted immensely by these developments. Digital tools are enablers that can pro-vide visitors with a multisensory experience, maximize brand awareness and prolong trade show impact beyond the timeboxed in-booth experience. If applied purposefully, digital tools open up a whole new array of possibilities. Nonetheless, human interactions remain the actual dealmaker that will either turn customers and prospects into a community of fans or cause them to defect.

However, in and of itself, a positive customer experience does not give a guaranteed Return on Exhibition Investment. Alas, many exhibitors still fail to understand the importance of setting smart exhibition targets and of documenting in-booth conversations. Digital lead management tools can effi ciently and effectively close this gap: transparency, data security and a timely move of leads into the sales funnel establish sustainable competitive advantage.

Data protection compliant (!) digital visitor tracking offers unknown possibilities to monitor visitor behavior at the exhibition booth and to control exhibition performance (real time).

Let the Games begin!

Let the Games begin! The author is a strategy consultant at bludonau and supports B2B brands on their path to achieving sustainable fair success.

Karin Reiter