Foreword by the Management Board

Digitalisation – Efficiency and Convenience in Live-Marketing

We live in the advanced age of digital revolution. Networking via the internet of things, information transparency, technical assistance and cyber-physical systems are the topics of our time. If we listen to relevant experts, we are already on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. The advanced digitalisation that is currently taking place will lead to changes in almost all areas of life and working environments – changes which we can only begin to fathom.

Especially in the event and congress sector, we can already see a strong use of digital tools that change general conditions and make things easier for organisers and visitors. Big data analyses are already being used extensively in related areas – for example in tourism – in order to reach target groups precisely and offer guests an individual experience. Similar application is seen in the event sector, which also offers a fasci-nating new world of experience through the diverse use of multimedia combined with digital tools. We are also seeing the first changes in the international trade fair industry.

Ongoing digitalisation combined with globalisation of the economy is leading to a rapid change in the expectations of trade fair visitors and event guests, exhibitors and organisers, as well as the demands placed on partners along the entire service chain.

The synchronisation of all these expectations and demands is the great challenge of our time.

In this issue, we present to you some tools and developments that are already available to you as an exhibitor, event organiser or congress manager in live marketing. They are increasing efficiency, user-friendliness and convenience for you as the person responsible, but also for your customers and visitors. And they can successfully support and complement your personal communication, face to face.

How will trade fairs, events and congresses develop through ongoing digitalisation? What are major changes? That is what we are trying to clarify in this issue of our service book.

We hope this results in many new ideas and insights.

 Your I.M. Austria Board of Directors

Rudolf Angermayr

Sabine Sturm

Leslie P.C. Zech

Johannes Haubner

Bernhard Hofer