Inspire You – Event Technology 4.0

Even though digitalisation and its effects are still being discussed, the new media have already been integrated as an essential element in the event and trade fair industry.

Over the last 20 years, the increasing digitalisation of event technology has led to new and interesting application possibilities and revolutionised the possibilities for interaction during events and trade fairs. With the increasing demands on the WOW effect, the underlying technical processes are becoming more and more complex. In order to successfully implement audiovisual concepts, outstanding technical understanding at the current state of the art and high- quality state-of-the-art equipment are required – more than ever.


In spite of all the changes, it cannot and must not become the task of the customer to define or check the functionality or appropriateness of the technical requirements. Due to the technical progress, the increasing professionalization of individual trades as well as the deepening of the expert knowledge, it has become the task of the technical supplier to inspire his customers. The planning and implementation of audiovisual, multimedia events require that technical possibilities are pointed out to customers, to help shape projects and to pay attention to the details that make the difference in the result. More than ever before, customer consulting is all about asking the right questions and listening to them in order to understand their individual requirements. Parallel to technical possibilities, digitalisation has increased the relevance of a reliable, trustworthy customer-supplier relationship. In order to make efficient use of the technical possibilities, customer consulting has become more individual and multi-layered in the course of digitization.


Screen management of the future: The topic of Screen Manage-ment will become increasingly relevant. A good screen management system will extend the perspectives of multimedia design for complex trade fair and event designs. A screen management system enables designs that have never been seen before and content fl exibility, as well as maximum operational reliability, whether it involves various individual areas on different end devices or a total area. Projections, LED walls, screens and/or tablets, for example, can be easily and effi -ciently managed in parallel.

The further development of the hardware: 

In the area of display possibilities we can be particularly excited in the coming years. Nowadays, a pixel pitch from 0.8 mm is technically possible for LED walls and has predestined the systems for indoor use (especially in sunlight). In addition to the increasing use of touch displays, we also see great potential in transparent OLED displays as an eye-catching alternative to conventional screens.


The short form NFC stands for Near Field Communi-cation and is a transmission standard of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). With the help of NFC, data can be transmitted contactless over short distances (up to approx. 10 cm). For trade fairs and events, the use of such technologies is particularly suitable for the optimization of visitor logistics. Using NFC chips integrated into visitor badges or wristbands, real-time statistics can be generated and access rights to various areas can be controlled. But NFC also offers many possibilities when it comes to event marketing, for example, a guest can request the desired information independently and receive it by e-mail in close proximity to download stations.

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Sarah Boateng