Digitalisation – Efficiency and Convenience in Live-Marketing

Digitalisation – or more precisely, the use of digitalised information for all kinds of applications – has found its way into almost all areas of life. We stand in the middle of a digital transformation with developing new business models which are integrating these data and applications. The focus of this transformation is on efficiency and user-friendliness.

Work methods, communication and gaming behaviour are strongly influenced by digitalisation. In the world of live marketing, we are fi nding new applications as well as new concepts. Multimedia applications create worlds of experience and appeal to our instincts to play and our spirit of adventure, allowing us to experience new products or submerge all of our senses into new worlds of communication.

We are living in exciting times, in which creativity and ingenuity as well as personal exchange are in greater demand than ever before.

In this special “Digitalisation” supplement, we have tried to highlight some aspects of digitalisation and transformation in our industry.

We hope that you can use the information within and find support for your ideas and projects.

Your I.M. Austria Team